Deliverable (number) Deliverable name WP Lead beneficiary Type Dissemination level

Delivery month

D1 POPD - Requirement No. 1 1 ZAMG


CO 3  
D2 Project Management Plan 1 ZAMG R PU 1 PDF
D3 Mid-term report 1 ZAMG R PU 18 PDF
D4 Final Report 1 ZAMG R PU 36  
D5 Report on User Requirements 2 BRIMATECH R PU 24 PDF
D6 Report on existing data and approaches 2 BRIMATECH R PU 21 PDF
D7 Report on Case Study simulation 2 PLUS R PU 30 PDF
D8 Document on the implemented institutional framework for cooperation in data exchange including data policy 2 ZAMG R PU 18 PDF
D9 Summary report on cooperation in data and information exchange with monitoring networks and crisis measurement stakeholders 2 CNR R PU 36 PDF
D10 Action plan for the sustainable use of EUNADICS-AV results beyond project lifetime 2 BRIMATECH R PU 36 PDF
D11 Inventory of satellite products 3 DLR R PU 8 PDF
D12 Inventory of ground based data suitable for satellite validation 3 KNMI R PU 12



D13 Tailored satellite products 3 KNMI R PU 20 PDF
D14 Validation of tailored satellite products 3 FMI R PU 28 PDF
D15 Identification of existing research airborne remote sensing platforms for fast response service 3 DLR R PU 20 PDF
D16 Assessment and cross-calibration among existing ground-based remote sensing networks 3 CNR R PU 28 PDF
D17 Identification of existing and available research and operational aircraft for fast response service 3 DLR R PU 12 PDF
D18 Assessment and cross validation among existing ground based in situ observation networks 3 FMI R PU 28 PDF
D19 Report on different real-time aerosol radioactivity and gamma spectrometric monitoring networks 3 FMI R PU 28



D20 Report on existing aircrafts for the radioactivity measurements of the upper atmosphere 3 DLR R PU 12 PDF
D21 Report on existing unmanned upper atmosphere radioactivity monitoring methods for fast response service 3 FMI R PU 18 PDF
D22 Report on the estimation of radiation doses inside aircraft cabins for indication of safe and non-safe fly zones 3 UPC R PU 24 PDF
D23 Harmonised metadata for the three data types of WP3, selected datasets for assimilation and validation within the Task 4.4 4 KNMI R PU 22 PDF
D24 Observation operator for lidar- and aircraft-type datasets 4 FMI R PU 18 PDF
D25 Source apportionment methodologies for radioactivity, volcano, and forest fires 4 ZAMG R PU 24 PDF
D26 Case studies with multi-source data assimilation 4 MF R PU 30 PDF
D27 Gap identification and suggestions for infrastructure improvement 4 CNR R PU 36 PDF
D28 System definition and design document 5 BIRA-IASB R PU 15


Annex 1

Annex 2

D29 Implementation of multi-platforms NRT demonstration system for the monitoring of hazardous aerosol plumes 5 BIRA-IASB DEM PU 30 PDF
D30 Implementation of interfaces to alert and monitoring information on nuclear events 5 ZAMG DEM PU 30 PDF
D31 Description of multi-hazards multi-platforms NRT demonstration system, Report on verification of system performances against requirements 5 BIRA-IASB R PU 36 PDF
D32 System definition and design document 6 MF R PU 18 PDF
D33 Implementation of a demonstrator for particles and SO2 analysis 6 FMI DEM PU 30 PDF
D34 Implementation of a demonstrator for nuclear dispersion 6 MF DEM PU 30 PDF
D35 Delivery of products relevant to aviation for the selected cases 6 ZAMG DEM PU 36 PDF
D36 Scenario definition and design document 7 PLUS R PU 15 PDF
D37 Tracer experiment analyzed and compared with tracer dispersion forecast 7 ZAMG R PU 30 PDF
D38 Benefit Assessment Report on new integrated prototype products and impact on European airspace 7 PLUS R PU 36 PDF
D39 Project web site 8 KNMI R PU 1 PDF
D40 Dissemination plan 8 KNMI R PU 8 PDF
D41 ICD between data providers and EUNADICS-AV Portal 8 KNMI R PU 10 PDF
D42 Description of the plugin infrastructure for building community extensions to the core delivery system 8 KNMI R PU 24 PDF
D43 ICD between the EUNADICS-AV Portal and the VAAC/NMA/SESAR-SWIM systems 8 BIRA-IASB, ECMWF, PLUS R PU 12 PDF
D44 Integrated test report and lessons learned on interface prototyping 8 KNMI R PU 32 PDF