Event calendar 2018

  • 22-24 May - Sand / Dust storms and Associated Dustfall
  • 29-31 May - DUST 2018

Read more information about these events below.


Sand / Dust storms and Associated Dustfall 


22-24 May 2018 @ Tenerife, Spain

WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (WMO SDS-WAS) is organizing the 9th International Workshop on Sand / Dust storms and Associated Dustfall. The dustworkshop9 is a scientific forum to analyse and discuss the state of the art research on dust, its connections to air quality, environmental impacts and climate. Their goal is to bring scientists from all around the world to exchange ideas on several topics on dust research.

EUNADICS-AV contributes to this workshop with a poster presentation on dust detection. Read more about the WMO SDS-WAS programme on their website.


DUST 2018


29-31 May 2018 @ Bari, Italy

The Italian Association for the Study of Clays (AISA) and the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis (IMAA) are pleased to invite you to DUST 2018, the International Conference on Atmospheric Dust. The meeting provides an unique opportunity for mineralogists, physicists, geochemists, engineers, volcanologists, chemists and for many other specialists to share ideas and knowledge on the boundless world of the atmospheric particles.

For more information have a loot at the conference website.