EUNADICS-AV successfully presented its results to the EC

After 18 months of project work, the European Commission reviewed the EUNADICS-AV activities and progress. This official mid-term review meeting took place on the 21st of June 2018 in Brussels at premises of DG RTD. Based on the individual work-packages presentations’, accomplished deliverables and milestones and the feedback from external reviewers and the projects user and advisory board, the consortium could meet the expectations of the EC and successfully completed reporting period 1.

For the 2nd phase of the project, the project consortium will follow the recommendation to foster the integration of DG-MOVE and SESAR as important stakeholder and furthermore to enhanced media and dissemination activities to raise the awareness level of the project in the respective user communities.

EUNADICS-AV Midterm Meeting and Scientific Conference in Rome

On June 18th and 19th the EUNADICS-AV midterm meeting and scientific conference took place at CNR headquarters in Rome, Italy. All EUNADICS-AV partners, the project user- and advisory board and further international experts in the field of airborne hazards and air traffic management contributed to a successful two days event. In total, 58 scientists and practitioners from 13 countries presented developments and interesting insight regarding:

  • Observation networks and tailored products for the assessment and warning of hazard events that influence air traffic
  • Model applications that support decision making during hazard events and dissemination of information
  • Optimizing air traffic management during hazard situations and cost impact of operating aircraft (engines) in the “non-hazardous” zones of ash and dust clouds.

All presentations and poster contributions are available on this website in publications.

Within the first 18 months, the EUNADICS-AV project successfully completed all proposed and necessary preparatory work concerning the inventory and characterization of data as well as the development of suitable methods, models and dissemination strategies. Based on this framework, the second project phase envisages the set-up of the EUNADICS-AV early warning system and further analysis products as well as relevant communication and dissemination channels towards air management and safety organizations and institutions. Furthermore, the project developments will be tested in a tracer experiment and related exercise in 2018 and 2019.



Overview of upcoming meetings

EUNADICS-AV user training

EUNADICS-AV user training

May 2019

@ De Bilt, Netherlands

Final Assembly

Final Assembly

October 2019

@ Paris or Toulouse, France