EUNADICS-AV Stakeholder Workshop 2017

From October 12 to 13 the EUNADICS-AV stakeholder workshop took place in Cologne at the premises of the European aviation safety agency (EASA). The workshop’s objective was to inform the stakeholders about the project and to discuss those in the project foreseen research results and products. Various stakeholders representing European agencies for aviation safety, air traffic control and management, natural hazard managements and pilots participated and shared their practical insights and experiences with the project consortium.

The workshop showed that standardization and harmonization of data and information, as planned within EUNADICS-AV, is highly appreciated for pre-flight management but also on route in order to enable consistent decisions across borders. EUNADICS-AV will also integrate its project results into already existing European dissemination channels in order to foster an extended uptake of the new analysis products.

Picture: Stakeholder workshop at EASA premises in Cologne.

EUNADICS-AV at Rolls Royce Aerospace Engineering

As a follow up of the 2017 EUNADICS-AV stakeholder workshop at EASA premises in Cologne a EUNADICS-AV project delegation has been invited to visit Rolls Royce’s Department of Aerospace Engineering in spring 2018 in order to discuss a possible project cooperation.

Overview of upcoming meetings

EUNADICS-AV General Assembly

EUNADICS-AV General Assembly

back-to-back with EUNADICS-AV Open Science Workshop (invitation only)

18-19 June 2018 (Registration deadline May 7th 2018)

@ CNR headquarter in Rome, Italy

EUNADICS-AV Midterm Review

EUNADICS-AV Midterm review

21 June 2018

@ Brussels, Belgium

EUNADICS-AV user training

EUNADICS-AV user training

May 2019

@ De Bilt, Netherlands

Final Assembly

Final Assembly

October 2019

@ Paris or Toulouse, France