Past event highlighted

EUNADICS-AV at the Forschungsmarkttag (Science Market Day)

Autumn 2019 @ Austria

The EUNADICS-AV project was selected with further 9 projects from the various research projects of the Austrian Armed Forces with civilian partners to be presented on the research market day to the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense and guests of other ministries as well as representatives of science and industry.

The project was represented by ZAMG (Wotawa, Hirtl, Themessl, Skomorowski), the Austrian Armed Forces (Michael Pernsteiner) and the University of Salzburg (Carl-Herbert Rokitansky, Martin Mayer). The event provided the opportunity to present the main outcomes and benefits of the project and to discuss further cooperation options with various national and international representatives.

Figure 1. The EUNADICS-AV booth

Figure 2. Paul Skomorowski (ZAMG) operating the flight simulator

Figure 3. Michael Pernsteiner (Austrian Armed Forces) presenting the conclusions of the event from EUNADICS-AV point of view