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EUNADICS-AV lessons learned

September 2019

Aviation is a critical infrastructure of the 21st century. Even short interruptions cause economic damage in the Billion-Euro range. Read more...


EUNADICS-AV demonstration exercise

January 2019

As the EUNADICS-AV project is now in its last phase, all EUNADICS-AV developments need to be tested and evaluated. For this purpose, the EUNADICS-AV team organizes Read more...


Saharan sub-Sahel dust storm of late March – early April 2018

30 April 2018

During the last few days of March 2018, the sub-Sahel region over eastern Africa was hit by an intense dust storm. Read more...


EUNADICS-AV plans tracer experiment in 2018 at the border of Germany and Austria

31 January 2018

The verification and validation of the EUNADICS-AV forecast system will be conducted for a case of an accidental or intentional release of a harmful chemical or radioactive compound by a tracer experiment. Read more...


The TROPOMI satellite: new exciting possibilities for monitoring natural airborne hazards

22 January 2018

Satellite measurements play a crucial role in global monitoring of natural airborne hazards like volcanic eruptions, wildfire, and dust storms. Read more...



Agung eruption

5 December 2017

On November 21, the Indonesian volcano Mount Agung on the island of Bali produced its first small eruption after three months of geological unrest starting in early August. The recent magmatic eruption and emissions of volcanic ash eventually led to a temporarily close down of the Bali airport, causing thousands of tourists to be stranded on the tourist island. Read more...


Canadian forest fires of August 2017

12 September 2017

In the first half of August 2017, Canada was suffering from some of the worst forest fires in living memory, and possibly the worst[1] since 1950. These fires were accompanied by very large plumes of smoke. Read more...


Code orange for Kambalny volcanic eruption in Russia

18 April 2017

On 24 March 2017, the Kambalny strato-volcano, located in Southern Kamchatka peninsula, in the east of Russia, started to erupt. Orange warning has been attributed by the Russian specialists, indicating threatening dangers for aviation. Read more...



Absorbing Aerosol Index from GOME-2 A & B shows plumes from extreme wildfires in Chile

29 January 2017

Forest fires occur frequently in Chile's hot summers, but persisting droughts and record high temperatures now cause ideal conditions for devastating wildfires. Read more...